Hoover Middle School Dance Program
Home of the Award Winning Dance Evolution Dance Team

HMS Dance Director & Dance Evolution Coach
Jessica Chatfield

Hoover Middle School offers 5 classes a day:

  • Beginning Dance
  • Intermediate Dance - by placement
  • Intermediate/Advanced Dance - by placement
  • Dance Evolution Team - by audition only

Each year the dance program provides opportunities for students to participate in two dance concert productions and students are also offered the opportunity to learn from guest instructors to enhance their learning of different dance genres. 

Placement for intermediate and for the award winning Dance Evolution team is held every Spring. For more information, follow us on Facebook.


Dance Evolution 

Hoover Middle School Dance Team

 Congratulations dancers!!

Kaylee Barragan (7) 

Aliyah Benedek (8)

Taylor Escobar (8) 

Ava Gowallis (7)

 Alexis Lemus (7) 

Jasmin Magana Aragon (8)

Mia Nowlin (8)

Gissel Pineda Escobar (8)

Sophia Quarneri (8)

Gianna Romero (7)

Tessa Samatua (8)

Mariana Samano (8)

Kalyse Silva (7)

Anna Printz Simpson (6)

Katelyn Tran (8)

Kayla Wally (8)